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Lazy K Ranch

Competitive Trail Ride
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Lazy K Ranch

Competitive Trail Ride

Shell City Horse Camp

May 23, 2004



Name_________________________ Age________ Horses Name________________

Address___________________________________ Breed______________________

City ______________ State________ Zip_______ Sex__________ Age_________

Phone#_______________________ e-mail________________________

Parent or Guardian if rider is under 18

Name__________________________________________ Phone#__________________

Address_________________________________________ e-mail__________________



Rider fee 20.00 per horse and rider. Ride begins at 11:00 a.m. sharp!

The ride is approximately 10 miles in length. Each rider is judged on overcoming and crossing the natural and man made obstacles. The ride is timed and both the time and score will be used to determine the winner. In the event of a tie a ride off will be held.

First Place: Trophy and 25.00

Second Place: Trophy and 15.00

Third Place: Trophy and 7.00

Ribbons fourth through sixth place.

Camping fees are $9.00 per night. Individuals are responsible for their camping fees and camp sites.

Enclose you rider fee with this registration form and return by May 30th.

Make checks payable to and mail to: Lazy K Ranch

21547 220th St

Verndale, MN 56481


Shell City horse camp is located in the Huntersville State Forest near Menahga MN. A map will be enclosed with a confirmation letter upon receipt of your registration

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